Hardening / Normalizing Furnaces

This Furnace is designed for Heavy Duty continuous Type Production application. However here furnaces feature a variety of options enabling the user to customize the furnace to features structural steel farming, heavy gauge sheet Metal and all welded construction with a proven track record.
Charging & Discharging With Hydraulic Pusher and Pullers - Automatic / Manual
Burner Control - Automatic / Manual
Fuel - Gas, LDO, Furnace Oil fired and Electrically Heated
NOTE - We Also Manufacture Dual (Gas- &Oil ) Fired Furnaces


A PID based temperature control system delivers superior temperature uniformity ± 50C with heating zones monitored by multiple thermocouple probes. Thermal efficiency and control are further enhanced with fully modulating, independent flame- impingement zones and an optional multiple - fuel firing capacity.

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